Can-do catalyst, writer, blogger, web publisher, and content marketer, Ann M. Augustine is geared for business achievers. Ann is deeply committed to helping people and organizations create meaningful customer connections and experiences that shape an amazing brand.

Ann encourages clients to be inspired through their own leadership potential, to be willing to take action, to be open to new ideas, and to challenge the status quo.

These are some of the fun, challenging and inspiring programs that Ann has developed and customizes for clients.

  • The Practical Guide to Blogging is a customized program of tools and strategies to produce a meaningful blog to support your company’s products or services. To hire Ann, email
  • Discover Your Possibilities is a lively lunch and learn program that is custom designed and produced for the organization, team, or group to support their goals. Read more about a free session on Discover Your Possibilities. To book Ann, please email

Ann maintains a deep understanding for individual needs. At the same time, she approaches every project with honesty and respect for group collaboration and is passionate about helping others achieve something better.

Ann brings value to project teams, developing marketable programs on various business and professional topics, and provides the knowledge transfer of project communications and business process assets. Her track record implementing best practices supports the company’s focus on sustaining program goals for long-term success.

Ann also brings value to mentoring programs. Ann has mentored students through the New York Institute of Technology Alumni Association to assist in their career development.

Among an executive panel, Ann has co-authored and delivered a professional workshop titled “Reality Mentoring”. For Women in Technology International (WITI), these up-and-coming women leaders learned through interactive case studies and role-playing that received favorable ratings in the follow-up survey.

Her first book of short stories, Blonde Streak and Other Good Girl Stories depicts a young girl discovering her individuality and how to make sense of her world. Readers will relate to finding their own identity versus the expectations of others. The first edition is offered as an eBook on Amazon.

For (now, an IAC company, one of the largest expert content sites, Ann produced the Collaboration column of more than 400 full-length articles and blog posts on software tools, leadership, and the workplace. She is a seasoned writer and has created inspiring and original programs for numerous other corporations.

Ann received a B.S. degree in Professional and Liberal Studies from Dowling College and a M.B.A. in Management from New York Institute of Technology. Ann is a Certified Virtual Facilitator and Certified Canfield Trainer in the Success Principles.