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This question may seem silly. Do you have a Kindle reading app?

Well, I was quite surprised when my first book launched on the Kindle reading app platform. Some people asked me, “Do I need a Kindle to read your book?” I overlooked the fact there is an information gap about reading apps.

The purpose of this post is to demystify the use of the Kindle reading app, and further explain why people may want to use a reading app, and thus choose wisely.

Kindle Not Required to Use Kindle Reading App

The Kindle reading app is a software application for compatible smartphone, tablet, or computer devices to enable you to read an ebook. The Kindle hardware device is not required to use the Kindle reading app. Amazon first introduced the application between 2009-2010 so the rest of the world that was not using a Kindle device would be able to purchase and enjoy ebooks.

There are many compatible devices for the Kindle reading app. The information gap is knowing you can use it on:

PC and Mac computers (device specific reader or cloud reader)
Android Tablet and Phone
Samsung Galaxy devices
HP TouchPad (WebOS)
iPhone, iPad, and iTouch
Windows 8, and Windows Phone
Blackberry 10 and older version

Now if you’ve never downloaded a book from the Amazon catalog, when you do it the first time, you will first have to get the reading app. (Note: This step is all inclusive when you are in the Amazon catalog.) Amazon will guide you through an authorization process. This step enables you to send ebooks to the particular device in situations when you would like to use one among multiple devices you own, like a PC, tablet, and phone; and you will go through the authorization process when you first register the device.

Why is compatibility confusing for people? The market where readers may obtain books online is the dividing line, which creates confusion. Publishers, including self-publishers may choose more than one ebook platform to publish and to broaden distribution, will market the books in the various catalogs, including Amazon, iTunes (iBooks), and Barnes & Noble (Nook). Needless to say, iBooks and Nook are not compatible on the Kindle reading app.

I chose to publish my first book on Amazon (Blonde Streak and Other Good Girl Stories) because it is the largest catalog and therein lies the potential for most readers to find me. I may eventually publish in the EPUB format for iBooks and Nook. However, to get back to the theme of this post, you will want to understand why ebooks are a good choice.

Types of Reading on a Reading App

You will be surprised to see many popular newspapers are now offered as a Kindle reading app subscription, including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and many others.

Magazines like Seventeen, Prevention, Men’s Health, and National Geographic are offering yearly subscriptions, some as low as $5 and interactive editions at varying prices, starting off with the first thirty days free.

Blogs are slowly coming in the Kindle reading app format as a subscription service. But I don’t expect to see many blog subscription services offered due to the fact that you can access most blogs for free, with exception to niche industry blogs and news services.

Textbooks for children and adults are now being offered using reading apps. Schools and libraries are gradually moving towards this digital library alternative.

Why Use a Reading App

There are several reasons for using a reading app. Let’s figure you love to read books but don’t own a Kindle device. The Kindle reading app is an easy solution to keep on your laptop, smartphone, and tablet computer.

  • You can travel easily with an app on your favorite device. You can read a book or magazine anywhere and anytime using a reading app.
  • The reading app is easier for reading than printed material because of its variable print size and ease of flipping pages (with one hand).
  • My greatest discovery is that I have found my reading speed has increased since I began using the Kindle reading app, which first began on an iPad. I also use a Kindle reading app on my laptop and smartphone.

Then I converted to all digital and bought an actual Kindle device. I really enjoy reading so much more on an ereader device (although I still read on my smartphone or laptop). And reading apps are free.

And why should you choose a Kindle reading app? You might try the Kindle reading app, for example, and experiment a little to see where ebooks may benefit your reading experience. Possibly having a variety of format choices, including hardcover (or paperback), ebook, or audio formats may give you more reading enjoyment, depending on your reading habits.

Download the free Kindle reading app.

See more information about compatible devices.

Google Play users can download the Kindle reading app there.

And now for the moral of the story… Don’t assume people know about technology. We are creatures of habit. We may miss important details and assume our mainstream audiences already know, especially due to the fast pace of the multimedia digital age. Let’s fill in the information gaps that help readers. If you have any comments to this post, please share them below.