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Often I think of my mother who humorously would say she was the president of the procrastinator’s club.

How true it is for anyone who may put off tasks. Perhaps you could add to that statement, “until a better day comes along.” A whole lifetime may pass you by if that is your dilemma.

My biggest obstacle was not procrastination but my approach. So, I had to know where I was getting stuck. Often my goals are far reaching, like publishing my next book or creating a new product line of slippers. How do you make goals become the real thing?

A personal coach and colleague once suggested his favorite handbook, Coaching for Performance, which is a deep dive into motivation and development of human potential. In my experience and training in goal setting, it is important to appraise your approach.

My answer came about quite by accident. I read this story about a woman whose goal was to climb Mount Everest. There is a vast amount of training and preparation to climb Mount Everest. When this woman began setting her goal, the most important question for this person to fulfill her dream had to be:

How much are you willing to invest in the process?

I feel goose bumps all over every time I read the question. The process may be one step or a series of steps to complete the goal. If the mountain climber as described above was not willing to invest fully in that process to make it happen, her Mount Everest goal would still be just a dream.

Do you have a goal you are stuck on, or just don’t know how to get started? I have developed a webinar of tools and strategies to help you reach your goals. Contact me at 561-414-6503 or ann@annmaugustine.com.

Updated: 11/9/2018