Safonique® is a unique brand name, and for every product, there is a story.  Ask entrepreneur and pioneer, Patricia Boswell, CEO of Safonique, who thought of sustainable laundry products when sustainability was hardly a topic of discussion over 15 years ago.

“Patricia’s Journey” is the story she recently told to a room full of business professionals in New York City.  Using the epic metaphor of Dorothy and Wizard of Oz characters, Patricia paints a picture of a green brick road to describe her product development journey.

Following her instinct and experience in manufacturing quality processes, she hired skilled chemists to help chose the right ingredients—all natural, hypoallergenic, and non-toxic characteristics.  Patricia strongly asserts,

“Safonique’s unique blend of essential oils is the first of its’ kind to introduce aromatherapy into laundry detergent.”

As you may have already guessed, Patricia’s journey faced many obstacles, much like Dorothy.  Placing Safonique in stores was not like a walk in the park.

In fact, product placement in Walmart has been the biggest hurdle.  Imagine being among hundreds of thousands of other products vying for shelf space.  Surely this took a whole lot of dueling—countless phone calls, emails, and in person presentations with several different buyers.  Remember the castle scene where Dorothy and her friends battle the witch’s guards?

Call it determination, persistence, or downright wizardry that caught the attention of one particular Walmart buyer.  The buyer thought Patricia and her product Safonique did not receive fair treatment.  Patricia stood her ground.  She said, “I’m going to stay here until I get my product in these stores.”Safonique sustainable brand

Raising her arm as if leading the charge into the famous Emerald City, Patricia describes her own City of Sustainability.  Safonique is available in select Walmart and Shop-Rite stores, online at the Safonique website,  and on request at other stores.

The winning combination of green product attributes and courageous leadership of Patricia Boswell shows there really is a green brick road for the Safonique sustainable brand.