Do you often think what are you doing to communicate better and more effectively in your organization?

What we do is to help you utilize the communication vehicles that suit your style and activate messages that drive your performance goals.

Many communication vehicles take a variety of forms to help achieve your goals. Don’t be afraid to take a look at what is working best and change the form if it’s not. If communication style is not matching your desired outcome, we’ll help you develop motivational or persuasive messages.

To approach communication more effectively and sustainably, here are our prescribed Five Quick Action Steps.

Five Quick Action Steps

  1. Start with a business communication checklist and label it for you or your department/group.
  2. Determine your target audience and communication frequency  (daily, weekly, or monthly). This will enable these people to anticipate your communication and establish a consistent approach.
  3. Identify topics and key messages that you need to communicate according to your prescribed audience and frequency.  This may lean towards leadership, motivation, persuasion or performance.  Also, you want to weave these messages in your style and voice.
  4. Select a communication vehicle that matches your reach. Blogs, presentations, and teleconferences are suitable for formalizing communication strategies to internal or external audiences.  If your audience is the general public, then an editorial is better suited, especially if your business communication needs to steer public opinion.
  5. Measure communication effectiveness for value this brings to your organization. Think about targeting success indicators and these specific results that communication will effectively accelerate.

These quick action steps are general in nature so it’s important for you to customize your approach. Let us assist you to customize your communication strategies that effectively drive results and sustainable added value for your organization.