Would you agree Lady Gaga is tapping into her instincts when she took this name? Her surname, Stefani Germanotta would be cumbersome to pronounce, so the name gave her a new sense of direction in the entertainment world. Expressive, flamboyant, and eccentric qualities were then released, enabling her artistic being to unite music with extraordinary fashion and stage design.

Despite some over-the-top outfits, especially the caveman-like raw meat costume for MTV’s music awards last Fall, there is sincerity about Lady Gaga (Photograph by CBS, via The Vancouver Sun). She mentioned to Jay Leno recently in his talk show that she’s an Italian girl. She has a sweet voice that surely can produce big hits, like the recently released Born This Way.

Although her music seems to follow Madonna’s famously harmonic style, there is room in this pop music market for Lady Gaga.  The proof: This single release on iTunes sold a record one million copies in 5 days.

Is your creativity instinctive and spontaneous? Lady Gaga, offered some insight in a recent Sirus XM radio interview about keeping yourself inspired. She also does yoga.  Maybe yoga helps, but she surely exhibits an innate ability to create startling performances.

My mother was a “Gaga” too. When my daughter, Holly was 2 years old and couldn’t say “Grandma” when prompted to, instead she insisted on, “Gaga, Gaga.”  The name Gaga was magical to my mother and she quickly acquired this name, nearly 25 years ago.

Although my mother was a little eccentric too, sadly she is no longer in this world to tell Lady Gaga about being a good girl. She would also suggest dishing up a spaghetti string dress with a colander for a head piece. My mother was known for these wild antics at holiday parties.

As a voice for my mother who would like to advise you:  You’re a beautiful girl—don’t mess it up.