Even Superman has challenges in China and America

Fictional Superman character illuminated over city skyline

Superman may have to look twice to scale the new urban landscape of China, one that is taller, shinier, and sleek in design. Who’s behind China’s awe-inspiring architectural design?

American companies in fact are designing China’s transformation to more modern architectural edifices.  For China, this may replace the dimness of past Soviet influence, but may also be symbolic of change for both countries.

In a recent New York Times article about architectural design in China, there are several key points one may want to grasp. It is about the Chinese political structure that is more about problem solving and taking risks.

Chinese politicians are engineers, according to one quoted source.  In stark contrast,  political roles in America are largely exploited by lawyers.

Goettsch Partners design 1,440-foot tower in Tianjin, China

Goettsch Partners design 1,440-foot tower in Tianjin, China, 190 feet taller than the Empire State Building

However, with less red tape, China’s political system and developers have embraced American architectural firms whose “design to build” experience are now turning design challenges into reality.

There are over 17,000 U.S. architectural firms, according to the statistical figure quoted on the CBS Business Network and most of these include small firms of fewer than 10 employees. A number of architectural firms are already being tapped to help design and build new types of housing, like villas and mixed use buildings among more useful purposes.

This visual communication shows us progress towards more modern expression but also reflects a deepening respect of our cultural and professional relationships.  Even Superman may find these new building heights breathtaking.