Connecting with You

In this challenging time of the coronavirus pandemic, do everything you can to stay healthy.

Wash your hands regularly. Wear a mask when you’re going out for groceries or taking a walk in a community park.

Connect with yourself doing the things you love. Meditate. Walk the dog. Read. Write. Sketch. Sing. Daydream.

Connect with others, your loved ones–family and friends as often as possible. As social beings, we are hard wired through evolution to make connections, and these actions make us healthier.

Listen to music. Some of my favorites: Beethoven for Children. Hymn for the Weekend by Coldplay. Alicia Keyes. Most music.

Read everyday. Online. Your public library–borrow as often as you can. Add to your bookshelf. Classics, contemporary modern fiction, nonfiction.

Make a Happy Birthday musical video for your partner, daughter, or mother.

Contact one to five people everyday. I love spontaneity! What are some of your favorite songs, what are you reading, what are you writing, what’s your badass chili recipe?

Email or call (561) 414-6503. I’ll do my best to connect with you right away.

Stay safe.